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The Art Of An Amazing Facial Massage

As new estheticians we may have fears, worries, and everyday life stressors that hold us back from giving our clients the most incredible facial massage! But, have you personally ever had a facial or massage that just wasn't quite up to par? How did that make you feel? Probably like you wasted your money, right? Often times I think as new estheticians, we don't think about the massage part of our facial treatments, but for me that is my favorite part of each and every session I perform. It's what will make your basic facial go from, " was ok," to "that facial was F%&King amazing!"

So, here are 4 ways you can improve your facial massage and end up with a $20+ tip as a new esthetician!


Have you ever had a facial and the esthetician was using incredibly light touches? It almost feels creepy! When we first start out as estheticians, I know this feels weird and almost like we shouldn't be touching strangers without consent; but they are there to be touched! If the pressure is too light, it almost feels like we aren't doing anything for our clients. Let them know you are there and present with them during your treatment, by adding more pressure. If you don't know how to do this or what it feels like to add more pressure, have another esthetician give you a facial! That's what has helped me the most; getting facials and massages myself! We can't know how something feels unless we have had it done ourselves! Also, if you want to ask a client for consent to touch them before each treatment, I highly encourage it! I've done this a few times when I have felt the client was uneasy or anxious and this seems to immediately put them at ease!

2. Negative Energy

If you're emotionally checked out or you're in a terrible mood while performing a facial massage - your client knows! There's a major energy exchanged happening while you are with your client. Touch is very powerful and it can be positive or negative. Why would anyone want to pay for a facial if they're going to absorb your bad energy? No, thank you. If you've had a long or particularly stressful day, make sure to take care of YOU before your sessions. Even if you only have 5 minutes before a facial, take some deep breaths, drink some water, juice or eat a piece of fruit for a little pick me up. I wouldn't recommend coffee, because that can lead to shaky hands. Tapping both arms back and forth, standing up and shaking off your day or giving yourself a tight hug can also be very helpful. Shaking off your bad day may sound silly, but studies show that if you shake your body, you can help release negative energy through your movement.

"Shaking can help regulate the nervous system and calm the body when it's overstimulated. While evidence is still lacking, trauma and tension releasing exercises, like shaking, may be beneficial in managing and relieving stress."

- Healthline

I know this may not help everyone and it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but find your own small ways to take care of yourself so you can begin and end you facials with positive energy!

3. Wet cotton rounds can save the day!

Remember that time you gave a facial massage to the dude that kept his eyes open the whole time? Or the chick that talked the entire scalp massage? I believe this one tip can help minimize the anxiousness your clients may be feeling and ends all the awkwardness - wet cotton rounds! Yep! Take 2 cotton rounds and lightly dip them in your water bowl and ring them out well, (we don't want water dripping down our clients neck and décolleté). Let your client know you will begin their facial, scalp, or hand and arm massage and that you will be placing cotton rounds over their eyes to help them relax. Letting them know what you are going to do, also helps calm their nerves so you don't scare them as you suddenly place cotton rounds over their eyes! This small gesture gives your client permission to check out and turn off their brains for a bit, so they can get he most out of their facial treatment and massage.

4. Use Your Tools!

Almost every time I've used cool globes, clients comment on how lovely it feels! Especially in the summer heat, I think added cool globes, cold rollers, refrigerated gua sha tools, etc., can be a great way to add a little something extra to your facial massage!

I hope these tips helped you as a new esthetician! I know it can be scary and uncomfortable at first, but the more we practice and share our knowledge and expertise, the easier and more enjoyable our jobs can become!

PS: Have you ever had an amazing facial? What made it so amazing? Let us know in the comments! Also, if you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment or DM me. :)


Katie <3

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