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Why You Should Always Shower After A Workout...

By Katie Bell

Ever wonder why you should at least rinse off after a sweaty workout? I'm an esthetician in training, and skincare fanatic! I struggled with acne and eczema for years and I hope this blog post will help answer some of your questions about sweat and it's affect on our skin!

Whether you work out at the gym, from home, or out in nature; taking a shower after producing any amount of sweat is important and here's why:

Sweat traps oil, dirt, debris, and bacteria. So if you're concerned about your personal hygiene — shower after sweating.

5 Reasons why you should shower after sweating and working out:

1. Acne breakouts!

  • Acne breakouts are common and happen for many reason, but excess oil and bacteria are a big contributor to those breakouts and while sweat doesn't directly cause acne itself, sweat residue traps oil and bacteria and if you don't wash it off -- the oil and bacteria can build up in our pores, which can cause acne. The answer to this is to simply, hop in the shower after working up a sweat and use a gentle body wash and/or cleanser to remove any sweat and dirt.

2. Rashes!

  • Unfortunately, sweat can cause chafing and eczema rashes for some. So, if you're prone to irritation from sweating and chafing from your gym clothes, try and wear loose fitting clothes and shower after your workout. Applying a fragrance free lotion in areas where you are prone to irritation ahead of time, can reduce the chances of a breakout.

3. Pathogens & Microorganisms hang out on our favorite gym equipment:

  • Not to scare you, but unfortunately, gyms are a common place to pick up infections, such as athletes foot, staphylococcus, ringworm, and MRSA. Disinfecting equipment before your workout, and washing your hands after your workout is the best way to prevent yourself from getting sick and spreading germs. Also, applying lotion on a regular basis after washing your hands will help prevent over-drying the hands so that germs can't penetrate your skin. This is so important because your skin is the first line of defense against infections! So protect it with so fragrance-free lotion!

4. Odor!

  • Sweat itself does NOT cause odor, however, the mixture of sweat and the natural bacteria on our skin, is what causes body odor. Body odor is a part of being human and it doesn't make you gross, we all have it; some of us worse than others depending on several factors. But, showering after a workout will obviously help with this and may even get you a few dates if you haven't been showering as often as you should! :)

5. That ICKY feeling!

  • Last, but not least; sweat feels icky and sticky! Taking a quick shower so you feel clean and ready for your day is a great idea to feel more productive and if you work out at night, taking a shower is a great way to relax and achieve quality rest. That clean feeling, though!

Are you freaked out now? Please, don't be! Sweating isn't the enemy and germs and bacteria are everywhere; so live your life and keep getting your sweat on!


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