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  • What product lines do you carry and what products do you use in your treatments?
    I carry products from Face Reality, Michele Corley, GlyMed, & ClearChoice By Dermastart Brands. If you're curious about what products I specifically use, you can click on the "product" link in my website menu. I use a variety of these lines in my treatment room depending on your skin type and skin concerns. ALL ARE ACNE SAFE! :)
  • Are your products acne safe?
    Though it is hard to say whether a product will cause breakouts from one person to the next, we have a general idea of what ingredients can cause irritation/aggravate existing acne or trigger new breakouts. I only use products I believe are as safe as possible for my acne clients. With that said, anyone can breakout from any product or treatment. Everyone's skin is different and the comedogenic scale is flawed and was conducted on rabbit ears in the 70's! I currently use Face Reality's acne safe ingredient list to determine what is safe and not safe.
  • Why can't I just come in for a chemical peel as a new client?
    Simple answer - it would be irresponsible of me. As an esthetician who cares about the health of your skin, I want to make sure your skin is healthy enough to tolerate even a mild peel. I also want to ensure you are being consistent with a supportive skincare routine to insure fast healing when we do start peels. Almost all new clients come in with a compromised barrier. If I were to use a chemical peel right away, you would experience not only discomfort, but it would further destroy the health of your skin and cause more harm than good. I know we all want fast results, but slow and steady wins the race when clearing acne.
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