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Portrait of woman having acne inflammation on face and body. Rear view close up of woman w

Are you ready to start your clear skin journey?

closeup acne on woman's face with rash skin ,scar and spot that allergic to cosmetics   .j

The struggle is real...

I know from personal experience.

struggled with severe cystic acne when I was a teenager and early 20's.  I was prescribed everything you can think of including, isotretinoin.  Looking back, I wish I had had an esthetician or skin specialist look at me from a holistic standpoint rather than just treating my acne with topical and oral medications.

So many factors come into play when it comes to acne and those include, medical conditions, medications, hormone imbalances, stress, comedogenic skincare and makeup & hair product; even the fabric softener and detergent you use! How crazy is that?! 

If you're feeling overwhelmed let me be your skincare therapist! I got your back and I will help you get to the bottom of what is causing your breakout, so you can begin to feel in control again.  

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